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    Banned I'm here for some weeks and I already got banned...I'm such a jerk!

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    1.) Your personal and bnet name.
    Robert J. ]ESUSCHRIST.

    2.) Your Age.
    Well, i m 28

    3.) Where are you from?
    I live in France.

    4.) Are you able to host, and what's your net speed?
    I m able to host. I have very good net. 28Mb/s.

    5.) State your reason why you want to play here.
    Ok, that's quite a story... i play videogames for a long time. I was ranked for 2 years in european Starcraft/Brood ladders.
    Then i switched to War3 Roc ... i had quite a good rank for some years but i finaly got overwhelmed by frozen throne and the new game mecanisms... As i got quite bored, i switched to DotA 4 or 5 years ago.
    I love dota gameplay. And i want to challenge people with skills and teamplay.

    6.) Your own, honest, assessment of your manners and temper.
    I m cool. Realy cool... but i HATE noob moves or mis-communication in team. When i play a public game and i got flamed by my own team cause they are too noob to understand my moves i just kick/ban everyone at once... btw it ends like i can't realy host public cause i kick ban nobs on simple sight

    7.) Your own, honest, assessment of your DotA-skills.
    I always played in random. I know all heroes, and i know them well. My DotA knowledge is "very good". My skills are fair i have quite a good micro, excellent placements and moving timings.

    8.) A brief history about yourself (Only dota related information please - INCLUDE previous leagues, if any)
    I play dota. I play it for real, and i want to play with good players.

    9.) Replay which will show your skills, satisfying all noted ss requirements. (Private game or Clan War)
    Test game please.

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    I doubt that you're Jesus, so ...try again in 2 weeks.

    HINT : Use a mortal nickname.

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