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Thread: Hosting problem in Windows 7

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    Unhappy Hosting problem in Windows 7

    Hello guys, Marry Christmas and Happy New Year tomorrow:)

    Quickly at the point... In some parts of the year I start missing War3 i come back for playing. Long time ago I learned to manage opening ports through router or directly from my Internet provider modem. For first time now I mess with that kind of problem and I think it is from the Windows. I opened from 6112 to 6119 for all IPs i use and same... I learned from Google some specific details for Win7 and did it too. Firewall is OFF too... I read the topic about antivirus softwere and so on... no, i'm with AVG... So... is there any logical explaination about this? Seems like everything is fine but I still can't host. I cheked with the PFPortChecker, i found it in the forum... It shows me same... ports blocked... now what? Any suggestions? :(

    Thank you and sorry for the disturbing:) Nice time during the holidays and I wish you the best of luck! :)

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    maybe the IP of your router / pc has changed?

    already playing on my 6th xbox 360

    This made my day :')
    Please don't reply to this thread anymore if you do not know that there's a difference between a hardware cursor and a softare cursor, niceone. It might cause a mess.

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