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Thread: Can't join - but i could in the past

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    Cool Can't join - but i could in the past


    I have a really silly situation, thats why I am posting this here.

    Me and my friends have been playing for a year now without a single problem, but now my friend can't join my dota ghost ++ hosted games. He can't join our other friend hosted games also (but he could until recently!).
    We thought that windows had something with it, so we installed it again, but we had no luck.


    - Windows firewall is disabled and there is no other (known ) firewall
    - Port forwarding is done (we connected his computer on my line which has static internal IP so the same rules apply for his computer ...)
    - He was able to play untill recently (I did no changes on my bot)
    - He is admin on my bot
    - He has maps ...
    - Others join normally to those bots
    - He CAN join to other people games

    - Figured out that he cant host

    What the fuck can change over night?

    Thx for your time,

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    The thing that can change overnight is unknown to me, but I had this as well - after I set up a new ghost on my PC. Basically I had to change the port on my War3 and it worked afterwards...

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