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Thread: New clan creation not working!

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    Question New clan creation not working!

    Hello everyone i am new to forums.And in game!I got rank 4 or level 4 profile or how is called.Now i go and enter W3 channel or any other and press "Clan" tab.Then i create clan then i wait and no one on the list shows for invitation,but it have many newbies in that channel without clan.What i must do,please help me!

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    You need 10 players to create a clan (you+9).

    To invite members in a public channel like W3, etc, all the players must be on your friends list (and you must be on their).

    I recommend to find 10 friends and go to a private channel (like "1234", "abcd", etc) and invite them (in this case, you won't need to add them to your friendslist and they won't need to add you).
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