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Thread: RULES - How to report it!

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    RULES - How to report it!

    Maphack ... ? What is it ... ?

    It's a program, ... Which enables you to see the fully revealed map.

    How to report a MapHack-er ... ?

    Save the replay in which your opponent is suspected for MapHack-ing, ... And then, attach it in this section.

    Ok, ... What should I write ?

    Well, ... Here's an example ... :

    ( Thread name ... : Account name is suspected for MapHack-ing. )

    - eXodus is suspected for MapHack-ing.

    Ok. I've made it. What happens now ... ?

    Be patient, ... A " Hacks " Moderator will take care of it, decide if someone was using MapHack or not. ( Of course, other users may post their opinions. It's not forbidden. )

    And, what are the punishments ... ?

    - Clear case of maphack usage : User will have account locked and 3 months IP ban, if he is reported for the first time of maphack. For second report, user will get account locked and permanent IP ban.

    - Not a clear case : User will receive "noted" status from moderator. "Noted" status can be given up to 3 times, afterwards another moderator will check old user's cases and ban him if it is necessary.

    Notes ... :

    - Accounts banned for maphack usage won't ever be unbanned.

    - An user who needs to be noted for MapHack-ing and has " different " " noted " status ( Not a MapHack's " Note ". - " Noted " status for Lag abusing or other different cases. ) won't be banned.

    - In the thread's name , or the thread comment , abstain yourselves from swearing/insulting or any other childish behavior. We know you may be mad , but think twice before you type and press enter.
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