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    Smile Notd Story!

    Okok! I've been thinking of this by years! Now that I have some time to do it i'll type it here: A cool chapter of notd(just like mercs story but made by me, and it will include the name of active marines that I see around xpam/ggc/twilight/forums)
    Btw you guys can use this thread to post your own home-made notd story

    Chapter 1
    Night Of The Surprise

    Its past midnight,and the hopeless delta squad, wich has already lost many members, is struggling to survive, searching for supplies and searching for any survivors wich may lurk down there in the x34-i colony, after 6 hours of a mission that didn't do anything but blood spill, of both undead and marines.
    Warcraft215: 2:34AM and the squad is split at the moment, 3 of our soldiers went into a reconning mission, Fahque_L, Finishing_Touch and Faults. We are camping around the beach waiting for them to come back.
    Greek: Well I've been trying to contact our recon squad and GTT Azrael for about 2 hours already and still nothing, I think we should get moving by now.
    Warcraft215: No good... we have few supplies and our Demolitions Syrus is with a broken leg...
    Syrus: Stfu war! I can move normally,I'm a MERC! A frac is nothing to me!
    *Syrus tries to walk and fails badly falling on the floor*
    Syrus: err **** happens...?
    SaladFingerPL: Er...Could you quit whining and start helping me to fix our demo's leg please? I need some medkits to ease ImSkilletYO's pain though.
    ImSkilletYO: Don't worry about me you should worry about Bronson's condition, hes badly poisoned.
    SaladFingerPL: I lack all kind of supplies over here, damn, those 3 have to come back soon else we won't last long.
    *A zombie horde comes running into the squad*
    Warcraft215: Ah great! We're done for!
    Syrus: Stfu and shoot!
    *The squad starts to shoot but the number of zombies were far too big and they were advancing through the beach*
    *A grenade comes from a dark ramp and explodes and leaks oil wich starts burning right on the zombies path*
    Zombie: Bwaiiinnsss
    *The zombies start to burn*
    Greek: What the--?
    *A marine comes from the dark ramp, a Firebat*
    FingonTinuviel: Heyyo! Fingontinuviel from beta squad! looks like you guys are short in supplies, I have some stuff here, antivenom and some grenades...hope this helps!
    Warcraft215: Hey buddy! Thanks a lot! will you stay here to support us?
    FingonTinuviel: Hmm I can't, I am actually searching for Firebird, an Alpha squad recon wich managed to contact GTT Azrael, he was walking together with Canie, another recon wich had the permission to call an airstrike...I need to join them to keep em safe, because they are the only ones who can operate some kind of recon equipment...
    Warcraft215: Well good luck in your search and don't get killed! and by the way, by any chance have you crossed with 3 marines from our squad around here?
    FingonTinuviel: Nope, The only thing I've seen before you guys was undeads.
    Greek: Not the way whats your flamethrower model?
    FingonTinuviel: Its a FK-3 Flamethrower, why?
    Greek: Cause we have a Arclite Hecate here, of a fallen Firebat we had... and it might come handy to you
    *Greek handles the Hecate to Fingon*
    FingonTinuviel: Thanks a lot! that will teach those zombies not to play with fire! He He!...Farewell my friends, and good luck!

    Chapter 2
    Night Of The Return

    *Its past 3AM and the marines are starting to think on moving and leave their camp behind because they needed to find supplies and they had to do it fast.*
    *SaladFingerPL had finished treating Charles_Bronson's venom*
    *Syrus gets up supporting his body in his RPG*
    Syrus: Allright guys lets get moving, I know we are tired and screwed up but if we don't move this will be our last stand now.
    *Right after syrus's phrase, a flaregun shot breaks through a window of a building nearby*
    Warcraft215: Look! Someone is asking for support!
    Greek: Yes and this person needs it badly, look at the entrance of that building
    *The squad realizes that the building's entrance is crowded by zombies and horrors*
    *Syrus shoots his RPG at the entrance of the building destroying it completely with lots of zombies*
    Syrus: Greek and Warcraft! you both go inside there and see whos there!The rest of the squad will wait over here!
    *Warcraft215 and Greek breaks through the ruins of the entrance while the squad covers them from isolated undead, and when they manage to get into the room from wich the flaregun shot came from, they find a marine sat at the floor with a pistol in his right hand,a mortar on his back, and a beer on his left hand*
    Marine: Finally someone alive in this $#&*! Man my head is burning like hell!
    Greek: Great, a drunk demoman, just what we needed.
    Marine: Taillow! Tiger! Where are you?!?!?
    Greek: Ah, its MrNike, my wife served him over a time in army and he loves her and syrus's woman now...and a beer is his third love.
    Warcraft215: I heard about that guy hes a legend! I heard he managed to kill hellspawns without trinity and shiva!
    Greek: Yes thats because he accidentally blew those expensive weapons sometimes...Anyway that guy has great skills lets get him out of here.
    Warcraft215: Hey MrNike lets get to our squad!
    MrNike: Yeah, whatever.
    *While the three marines were talking, a group of three stalkers and a blood hunter sneak behind them and rushed into them in fury, one of the stalkers hit warcraft's right leg, destroying a pocket with some papers*
    MrNike: Just what I've been waiting for to use you baby!
    *MrNike drops the beer and handles his Mortar, shooting it in a way that it exploded all the dogs in less than a second.*
    Warcraft215: #!(*! Not where I store my spam and bad jokes!er...I mean, my logs!
    Greek:They werent useless at all then...they prevented you from losing your leg.
    *The three marines return to the rest of the squad*
    Syrus: Hell yeah! Finally some other MERC over here!
    MrNike: Hey syrus! your leg looks like a broken tree! You should fix it up, and you're in luck, I have some nanites over here.
    Syrus: No kidding! Give me them then!
    *MrNike uses the nanite pack on syrus*
    *Syrus starts walking*
    Syrus: Finally I can feel my legs! Not that I wasnt feeling then before, after all I'm a MERC!
    *After some minutes of routine zombie-pwnage*
    Charles_Bronson: Look! Four marines are approaching! I see all of our recon squad and...who is that other guy?
    Fahque_L: Here, medkits, Fibrin bandages, anti-venoms, all that you need Salad, now we are in better conditions of survival.
    Marine: Syrus, Nike! I've been looking for you guys everywhere!
    *The marine gets a radio from his belt and handles it to syrus*
    Marine: Here syrus, its Nxuan on the line.
    Warcraft215: I know who that guy is! Its Sageypoo! He is a legend! I've heard some awesome stories of him!
    Syrus*Talking over the radio*:Hm...but why would I lose my time killing those things... WHAT OVER NINE THOUSAND EUROS PER SLASHER?!? ONE MILLION PER HELLSPAWN?!?
    Syrus: Well guys sorry to leave you, but I just received a top-secret MERC mission and sagey,nike and me need to earn money...err I mean accomplish the mission as soon as possible .Farewell!
    *Syrus, MrNike and sageypoo gather and head to the southwest*
    Warcraft215: Ah great! now we lost our demolitions...What else now?!?
    *A Gargoyle comes and grabs Warcraft215 by his face and starts to raise him up*
    IamSkilletYO: One shot, one kill.
    *IamSkilletYO aims his BA at the gargoyle and shoots the gargoyle down*
    *Warcraft215 begins to fall*
    *SaladFingerPL rushes and grabs Warcraft*
    SaladFingerPL: Please tell me that the gargoyle incapacitated your mouth.
    Warcraft215: Well Thank You but unfortunately not
    SaladFingerPL: Hell.
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Well this was the 2nd chapter of the story, for the other 9,please deposit 50 euros. JK! I will be writing the other chapters in this thread, and suggestions are always welcome! till tomorrow!, hope you liked it

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    Warcraft... one thing... Using a mortar in a building? Do you have ANY idea how would it end up?
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    Warcraft... one thing... Using a mortar in a building? Do you have ANY idea how would it end up?
    The mortar? Oh yes, it'd be ruined

    The site seems to be offline now, but there was a very nice notd introduction story on a site with 'general notd II information'. It's one of those things that's very hard to do well if english isn't your native language .
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    Quote Originally Posted by SaladFingerPL View Post
    Warcraft... one thing... Using a mortar in a building? Do you have ANY idea how would it end up?
    And I thought that you finding errors on my english was already bad enough... =(
    Ok could I say that the mortar shell passed thru a broken part of the top of the building. that would fit you Mr.I-Found-an-error-haha!?

    EDIT: please keep finding errors! and make me some suggestions. you know those guys that have those things in the car "How am I driving? Call:XXXX-XXXX" Im gonna post smth like that here:
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    Suggestions? Help me to write stories!
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