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    SS skill requirements

    #ss channel requirements

    One of ideas of safelisted channel was to provide decent gaming level for all safelisted players. That means, there are some skill requiments that safelisted players will have to meet.We divided them into 4 categories :
    • 1) Last hit/deny
    • 2) Efficient skill/items build
    • 3) Teamplay
    • 4) Overall gameplay

    Below, you have explanations of all these points :

    1) Basically, I could dare to say last hitting is the first step to play a dota game. Without it, games are luck dependable. Why? Because with autoattack, in some games you kill more creeps, while in other less. So, in some games, you will have more gold and as a result of it better items ( and probably, you will own better ) and in others you will have poor items and probably die a lot. Also if you face a good creeper at the lane, you’ll stay without gold because it’s very easy to deny for your opponent if you autoattack constantly. Last hitting, is the first step to control your games, letting you play more efficiently. That's why it's the first and the most important point of our requirements. We don't want 'random' players, who own, when they manage to get lucky creeping, and feed, when they don't have such luck.

    About denying, it's also important, but not as much as last hitting. Main point of denying creeps is not to let enemy get gold from them. Enemy heroes also get less experience, if you deny a creep, as if they would kill it. Great advantage of good last hitting/denying is also fact, that your creeps will push less and you will creep closer to your tower, what gives you better protection against gangs. That's why we will pay attention on your denying skills as well.

    2) Proper items build is the second, most important thing. Every hero has it's own role in the game, and because of it some items work better on it, while other work worse, or even are totally useless. In order to get safelisted, we require players to know proper build for every hero. Of course, we don't expect you to use the same each time. You can try some different build, and as long as it works well, it's allowed. But on the 'entering replay' we want to see efficient build simply because of fact, in public, low level games, every build may work well. But in private games, with decent players, if you don't know the good build, you will simple feed and ruin the game.

    We want you to know why taking boots as starting item is wrong, why bracers ( or some other strong hp boost on start ) is crucial on EVERY hero. We expect you to understand that item you choose must be used in 100% by the hero you have and to realize that spending e.g. 5000 + money on item which have only 1-2 features that you really need is a waste ( e.g. S&Y on axe : you don't deal direct damage so you don't need dmg, attack speed, agility, movement speed is also not so needed, since without dagger you still won't be able to place your 1st skill correctly, so basically spending 5500 gold for 16 str which is equal to 300 hp is BIG waste ). If you don't know or understand such things, again, start from guides.

    About skill build...there is also something like 'better' and 'worse' skill build and we want players to know those 'better' builds. For example, if you play anti-mage alone on lane vs 2 strong nukers, and you don't take spell shield, just because 'you always take mana break and blink before it', it's considered as wrong skill build, because surely, you will be prevented from creeping and probably die a lot of times from nukes.

    We also expect you to be flexible, and think what skill/items build should work best in particular game.

    3) Teamplay is something, you should focus on much. It's an essential part of dota. Dota is a team game, and was designed for it. You should cooperate with your team, as much as you can. We will pay a lot of attention on how do you treat your teammates.

    What do we expect from you ?

    Generally, we want you to know what is every hero ( or at least most ) designed for. Every hero has it's role in his team. Every hero is supposed to do some things to team and we expect you to know it and fulfill it. For example, if you get hero which role is to buy wards, we expect you will keep buying wards for earned money and place them in crucial points of the map to support your farmers ( with wards they won't be ganked by enemies while farming ) and allow your gankers to gank enemies ( by placing wards in their forest). If you get hero that is supposed to be tank, we want you to TANK for the team. In such situation, you are supposed to go first into battle, disable/stun/block as many enemies as possible and take most of damage on yourself to let killers in your team to finish enemies off. It doesn't matter if you die a lot, it doesn't matter if you have negative score, etc. Why? Because you fulfilled your role. You played your hero as it should be played and this is the only thing that matters. DotA is team game and in every team there are heroes who are tanks and initiators ( go first into battle to start it ), heroes who support ( gank, place wards, work for the kills for killers ) and heroes that main roles is to kill enemies as fast as possible. This is how dota works and we require you to fully understand it.

    This point also contains everything what may be counter as any kind of cooperation and templay of players : asking to swap heroes, helping someone at specific lane when he asks for it, making gangs, recover hp/mana of your teammates, save them from obvious death, share hp/man regen and/or chicken, etc.Just remember when you pick a hero, you have to do what you are supposed to do for the team, and if this kind of play style or hero does not suit you, then do not try to play this hero in '#ss games', or if you randomed it, then swap..

    Remember also about the most important, teamplay rule : saving your teammate from death is always more important than getting a frag.

    4) This point contains everything else what is important in DotA and is not posted above, all the dota basics. It's not possible to mention it all, but I'll try to describe few, most important things.

    - aggressive playstyle - you should play as aggressively on lane as it's possible. When you have ranged hero and face meele one you're supposted to prevent him from creeping( or even getting exp ) by constantly harrasing him. When you get hero which attack animation is very weak ( lina, maiden ), you should focus mostly on harrasing, instead of creeping. When you have strong spellcaster, you should use your spells to nuke enemies with low/weak regen, instead of simply farming and keeping full mana. Of course, we require also opposite thing : if you have hero with weak lane control, we expect you to know how to stay on lane vs some strong nukers and creep as much as it's possible.

    - thinking during games - we expect you not do die in stupid way, not to chase low hp hero behind tower when in fact you CAN'T kill him in any way, not to go TOO FAR alone, not to stay on lane when team reported that 'all miss' and probably enemies are going to gank you, not to stay on lane with low hp, etc. In general, try to avoid stupid or senseless moves. Concentrate on game and try to predict what may happen if enemies miss or if you chase someone too far.

    - dota mechanics knowledge - We want you to understand meaning of most of common dota terms ( e.g. what is lane control ). We expect you to know why taking aura skills in early game on heroes like sven, venge, skeleton king is mistake and why you should go stuns and other, useful abilities. We expect you to know which orb effects works on illusions. We expect you to know which items/skills stacks and which not ( so e.g. why making vanguard on leviathan is waste of money ). In general we want you to know most of the dota technical aspects, tips, etc. Of course we realize that you don't know everything or sometimes you'll forget something. But, in general, you must know advanced aspects of this game. If you don't, start your dota journey from reading guides/explanations about dota mechanics.

    Use common sense to avoid situations, which may be considered as wrong ones. Just don't play in way, you wouldn't like others to play.

    Attention : Score, you reach on replay DOES NOT matter. We will look only on points, posted above. If you meet them, you will be in, even if you had negative score.
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