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Thread: RULES - Read before you post !

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    RULES - Read before you post !

    Hello user, this forum was created if you think you were banned unfairly by one of us. It could happen because of a missjudgement or something we missed or we got the wrong user etc.
    We don't want you to make 100 threads after we said 'No'. Because no matter how much you beg we will never and we never unban someone. Actually we will ban users who do this. Want to add something ? Counter-proofs? Fine, PM the one who locked the thread or someone else to re-open it.
    Contacting an Admin/Super Moderator/Hacks Moderator about hacks or accounts can only be done through Hacks forums. Do not send PM's to us like "hey please see this that etc.".

    Here are some rules about how to post unban requests:

    Unban Request Model:
    Server Account Name:
    Link to the thread where you were banned (you can find out why you were banned by entering your name here , if it doesn't appear however, you can leave it empty):
    Arguments for your self-defence (you may also post physical proofs like replays/screenshots etc.):
    Please keep in your best behavior while posting,seen as every foul word can and will affect your account.
    Also keep in mind that this is not Blizzard, we have our lives and we work here for free. Don't start to get angry if you don't get an answer in a few hours. If you want to add something to what you said please use the EDIT button.

    Important Note : We don't deal with '' bans!!!
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