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Thread: Wanna own a clan forum? Read this!

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    Wanna own a clan forum? Read this!

    Hey, if you've got a clan on Xpam and you want to have a clan forum only for you and your clanmates, here is the place where you can attend for it!


    1. Clan leader should have at least 200 quality posts on forum

    2. Other extra clan moderators ( if there will be any except the leader ) should have at least 150 quality posts on forum

    Ok, you met the requirements, now, the PM to the administrator should look like this

    *Clan Name: ( full name of the clan, example ); e.g.: Brotherhood of Steel
    *Clan Tag: ( Clan abbreviation, example ); e.g.: B0S
    *Clan Chieftain: ( Nick on Forum and Server ); e.g.: Amidamaru
    *Assigned extra moderators: ( who will moderate the forum, max 4 moderators per clan forum ); e.g.: Xfire, Lukass, Smurf, Ogi. Remember that those must be forum nicks, not server ones.

    You can currently send PMs for clan forums to the following administrators:


    Thank you and have fun, crew.
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