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Thread: Clan Forum Rules

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    Clan Forum Rules

    1. Any language can be used in clan forums, there is no restriction such as only English ( or polish - polish forum ).

    2. Inactive clan forums will be hidden/deleted by administrators.

    3. Rules available in General forum are also available in all clan forums.

    4. For any question regarding clan forum issues, feel free to contact [url='']one of the administrators[/url][URL=""][/URL].

    5. As a clan forum moderator, you must take care of the rules in your own clan forum, else the clan forum can be hidden/deleted by administrators.

    6. Heavy spam is strictly forbidden, and it can result in topic physical deletion / user(s) infraction / clan forum hiding / deletion.

    7. Whenever you want to assign a new moderator for your clan forum, please contact [url='']one of the administrators[/url][URL=""][/URL].

    Thank you and have fun, Crew.
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