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    Global DotA Tournament rules

    I. Game Play

    - Game format:

    Group stage: 4(8) groups with 4 teams, first two team from every group advances to semifinals. Group matches format - bo1

    Tiebreaker: In case of two or three teams having the same amount of wins in the group stage, the tiebreaker is used. Match format - bo1. IF after three way tiebreaker all teams managed to win 1 of their games, the time rating will be applied.

    Time rating explained: The minutes of each game's duration get added as a positive time rating for the losers and a negative time rating for the winners. The team with the higher time ranking reaches a higher position.

    Playoffs: Double elimination ladder, matches format - bo3 (best of three)

    Grand Final: bo5 (best of five), team comming from winners bracket starts with 1:0

    - Match Length: Until a winner has been determined

    - Match Winner: A match is won if the opponent’s ancient is destroyed, or if the other team forfeits

    - Game must be played on

    - Winner team have to save replay + endgame screenshot and upload it on forum in proper thread. ([URL][/URL])

    - If there was reload in game, winner team have to send replay until reload and endgame screenshot

    - The map version is 6.74c

    - There are not any default banned heroes

    - Game Mode: -cm. Teams can not pause game during the picks

    - The teams have to get in contact with each other to find a fitting date for both of them. If teams cannot agree about a date to play the match, the default date has to be used.
    Default date to play the matches is always the last day of the time window at 20.00 server time. If the teams cannot find a date fitting for both of them and one or both are not able to have five players ready on default date every team not ready to play gets a default loss.

    - If opponent does not show up more than 30 minutes after the agreed time, default win can be requested

    II. Roster

    - A team must minimum have 5 players in the team roster and maximum of 8

    - A player must be on the roster in order to play. The team breaking this rule will be disqualified from the tournament.

    - Write a simple TAG for you team, so it will be easier for organization , on instance "QQQ"

    - Write online nicks of your players , bold the name of team leader

    - Each player can only participate in ONE single team during the cup. Using multiple accounts is strictly forbidden.

    III. Item Restrictions

    There are no item restrictions.

    IV. Miscellaneous Rules

    - The use of a bug may result in a default loss

    - Blocking creeps is only allowed by using your own hero model. Casting spells like Earthshaker’s fissure or Prophet’s sprout in order to block your creeps is not allowed. Furthermore you’re not allowed to seal your base entry with the help of any spells.

    - Players may share control to allow teammates to use their chicken and/or hero to purchase items.

    - Backdooring/Creep Skipping

    All kind of backdoor is allowed.

    - Pause is allowed. Turning off the pause is permitted only with the agreement of the opposing team.

    The total duration of pauses in the game for 10 minutes. After that opposing team is allowed to resume the game.

    - Act mature and mannered both in-game and in the chat channels. Offending the administration and/or participants of this tournament will result in punishments and might lead to a complete ban from the tournament.

    V. Guide to run


    VI. Drops/Disconnects

    - Both teams are urged to take care of regularly saving the matches progress. The match has to be saved after a team has drawn firstblood and from that time on every 10 minutes. It is also in the interest of every team that the match is saved after a team has taken down crucial buildings / has generated supercreeps on a lane / has won an important fight etc.

    - There is a limit of two remakes per team for each game. In case both teams agree you can of course do more

    - If a player disconnects before a team has drawn firstblood the match has to be remade instantly (after a remake the players have to pick the same heroes and same items and assume the same lanes as before)

    - If a player disconnects after the first kill you can load the savegame or play on 4v5.

    You can load the savegame only if save was made 10 or less minutes before drop and enemy team didn't reach 10 kills advantage after last save[frags + towers destroyed (Level 1 tower counts as 1 kill / Level 2 tower counts as 2 kills / Level 3 tower [basetower] counts as 3 kills), the amount of barracks destroyed (counts as 5 kills), roshan (counts as a 3 kills)]. - If both teams agree, they can load anyway.

    - Abusing the remake possibility will result in a default loss

    - If one player disconnects and there is no remake, you are allowed to:
    1) Use the hero and his items
    2) Sell all items from the hero

    - A guide how to save/load properly can be find here: [URL=""]HERE[/URL]

    VII. Hosting and obs stuff

    - tournament games will be played on bots (ghost++) You will find tour bots on 'ss-tour' channel.

    - Hosting instructions - Two hosts will be placed on ss-tour channel. All captains have admin on them, so you will be able to host with commands 1priv <gamename> or 2priv <gamename>, depending on desired host. (CHECK THIS AND CHANGE IF ITS NOT CORRECT)

    - Teams have to choose one of avaliable bots. Referees will have Admins on them.

    - Generally observers are allowed assuming that both teams agree. If a tournament administrator wants to watch a game an observer slot has to be reserved for him

    VIII. Tournamet prizes


    IX. Tournament staff

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