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Thread: Does Eurobattle work in conjunction with Balticum?

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    Does Eurobattle work in conjunction with Balticum?

    Hello. I've got a couple of questions regarding installation.

    Lets say I'm installing Eurobattle and set the 1.28's game location to the Balticum folder (Also uses 1.28 version). Will Eurobattle work, or does it need a completely separate install? Can I just copy-paste Warcraft 3 with 1.28 version into a separate folder for Eurobattle without installing for it to work?


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    Hello there
    I recently installed eurobattle and set the game 1.28 location to the 1.28 version used by balticum. It did not need any additional installation and worked perfectly. I just put my copy of Starcraft 3 into a new folder for eurobattle and everything worked well.

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