Hello, I do have an unusual question hopefully you can provide an answer to.

Official repo seems pretty dead so I hope to find answer here, from the admins.
I am hosting a small server myself and my friendlist in WC3 does not work, it does not get saved and gets reset each server restart.
In logs I can see the error plainly:
Apr 06 19:59:57 [trace] sql_write_attrs: ALTER TABLE pvpgn_friend ADD COLUMN 0_uid VARCHAR(128)
Apr 06 19:59:57 [trace] sql_write_attrs: INSERT INTO pvpgn_friend (uid,0_uid) VALUES ('1','2')
Apr 06 19:59:57 [error] sql_write_attrs: could not INSERT attribute 'friend_0_uid'->'2'
And the friends table has only UID and count tables. How would I go about fixing it?

I do hope you will not treat it as a spam, as I tried to find answer myself but just could not.