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Thread: Installer v13 end of life

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    Installer v13 end of life

    Installer v14 which was released a few months ago was a big update under the hood with full upgrade of Qt framework and dependent libraries. Because 80% of the libraries are different, creating an auto-update that would automatically bring clients form v13 to v14 is almost impossible.

    If you have not run the installer in the past few months and still use v13, please download v14 and reinstall.

    If you stay on v13, the next auto-update that will be pushed will assume you have v14 as base and it will break your install. So rather than wait for me to break your client one day please go ahead and get v14 before the end of this year.

    I know nobody will read this but don't cry that I didn't warn you.

    If you have any problems with v14 ping me on discord.
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