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Thread: Gproxy Init Failed

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    Post Gproxy Init Failed

    When i launch the game, gproxy shutdowns itself after around a minute and then W3 starts; making me unable to connect to Eurobattle server.

    Heres the log file:

    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] starting winsock
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] setting process priority to "above normal"
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] RESTRICTED MODE OFF
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] W3 exe: C:/Users/Can/Desktop/Warcraft III 1.28.5/Warcraft III.exe
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] GProxy will only allow joining bots with W3 enabled version.
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] MAJOR: 1
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] MINOR: 28
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] PATCH: 5
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] BUILD: 7680
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Server:
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] W3 path: C:/Users/Can/Desktop/Warcraft III 1.28.5
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Listening for gproxy games on port [6125]
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Listening for warcraft 3 connections on port 6112
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] GProxy++ Xpam Version 14
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] List of commands: !commands
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Created euro reg key
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Created blizz reg key
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][GPROXY][LOG_DEBUG] uid is 6cVC7+sNNpT5U1rCj2bmpvO03McwOhdybDef+oy5JoM=
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] pf subsystem is enabled
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] pf full tunnel is disabled
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Setting netgameport to 6113
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Successfully set netgameport to 6113
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] GPROXY READY
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Waiting max 35 seconds for W3 to start
    [21-06-2021 08:33:40][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Waiting W3...
    [21-06-2021 08:33:41][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Detected W3 as running
    [21-06-2021 08:33:41][AMH][LOG_DEBUG] amh init begin
    [21-06-2021 08:33:41][SYSTEM][LOG_DEBUG] W3 pid is 5744
    [21-06-2021 08:35:01][AMH][LOG_DEBUG] amh init continues
    [21-06-2021 08:35:01][AMH][LOG_DEBUG] Opened w3 process
    [21-06-2021 08:35:01][AMH][LOG_DEBUG] Failed to find module
    [21-06-2021 08:35:01][AMH][LOG_DEBUG] Init failed
    [21-06-2021 08:35:01][AMH][LOG_INFO] EXITED
    [21-06-2021 08:35:01][SYSTEM][LOG_DEBUG] AMH thread exited
    [21-06-2021 08:35:01][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Shutting down
    [21-06-2021 08:35:01][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Shutting down winsock
    [21-06-2021 08:35:01][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] GPROXY EXITING

    i reinstalled w3 and Eurobattle, no antivirus open.
    i can ping the servers and port forwarding works well.
    im unable to find the issue so this is my last resort :D
    any help is appreciated

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    Sorry for late reply. Does the same happen with v13 installer? Do you use our w3 download?

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