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Thread: Open staff position - Community Manager EHS

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    Open staff position - Community Manager EHS

    Hi everyone,

    We'd like to announce that we've opened a new staff position as a Community Manager for our new platform
    As we've been very busy lately, there's not enough time for us to take over this part as well, so we need your help!

    Easy apply by posting here, PM Ancient Priest or Cen, or reach us out on Discord.

    What we'd like you to achieve in this position:
    - Promote the platform within the community and engage it's members to use it
    - Join the people by playing alongside them
    - Organize get togethers with members to scheduled plays when necessary, as not everyone is online at the same time
    - Gather feedback/issues and report to developer team

    - Server operator
    - Server announcements
    - Discord role with management access, including assigning/revoking roles
    - Insights on behind the board information
    - Get involved in shaping a product
    - More community access if necessary (ie: server icons management)
    - There's no money in it, as this is a volunteering community

    ** This position will only be within the staff and does not imply you will get a position as they are obtained individually. (You can obtain and keep both)

    Best regards, Staff.

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