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Thread: Server installer v14 released

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    Server installer v14 released

    What is new?
    - added server status on top
    - dedicated DotA tab to change some of the DotA config settings directly from client. Currently for widescreen, accepting proposals for other useful settings.
    - we now ship a latency.txt by defaut so w3l can change W3 engine game latency. Value set to 30 instead of default 100.
    - W3 GUI overlay for DotA stats in game lobby. If this is causing your game to crash, it can be turned off in 1.26 client settings or w3l.ini.
    - moved login form to w3 tab as to not confuse newcomers
    - update to msvc 2019, Qt 5.12.2
    - tested down to Windows 7 32bit
    - prep work to include an embedded browser in the future
    - hidden feature that will be revealed on Sunday Twitch stream

    Autoupdate might not be available or it will be provided with delay due to sheer amount of files that were added or replaced.

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