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Thread: Couldn't open Game.dll + solution for Windows 7

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    Couldn't open Game.dll + solution for Windows 7

    Hi to everyone!

    There is a similar thread, but it does not help at all, so I will post the problem and solution here.

    When you try to start the game, you get the error in the title. This happens on Windows 7.


    The problem is not in a corrupt game.dll, the problem is not in your Warcraft, the problem comes from the launcher and Microsoft.
    Install the following:

    visual redistributable 2005, x86 and x64
    visual redistributable 2008, x86 and x64
    visual redistributable 2010, x86 and x64, on this one I was unable to install the x86 version as it said its not supported for a x64 OS
    visual redistributable 2013, x86 and x64, this one seems to be the problematic one, you can install the others if necessary
    visual redistributable 2015, x86 and x64
    Net framework 4 full, x64
    Direct X 11, don't install the Direct X 11 Technology Update

    You MIGHT need to change your Warcraft 3 directory, by copying Warcraft 3 to C:\Warcraft_3
    Use the latest launcher, log into your account, use gProxy and not port forwarding!

    DONT't USE
    dots, spaces and other special symbols in the path for your Warcraft 3 and launcher. Example C:\Old\Warcraft3, NOT C:\1. Old\Warcraft3

    You need to wait a little until warcraft starts, sometimes it needs a few min. Sometimes its started in task manager, but even after a few min it does not open.

    Restart your computer after all the installations and changes are complete.

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    You only need 2013 x86. This is easily testable in a clean W7 install.

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