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Thread: very bad manners

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    very bad manners

    My nickname m3thead
    His nickname cristobala
    Reason for report family flame
    with nothing provoked already in lobby he started family flame.
    Please ban for a while this low complexed child, probably this acc is all he achieved in his poor little life .Sad person indeed.
    07:37 CRIsToBALA is it posible to kick 8 ( I was at slot 8 )
    07:40 CRIsToBALA or just move from me
    08:24 m3thead someone got butthurt
    08:27 CRIsToBALA !locked
    08:36 CRIsToBALA yes im doing exactly righ now with your mother
    08:55 CRIsToBALA so i cant stop , to fuck her and play with you in same
    08:55 CRIsToBALA team
    08:57 CRIsToBALA its inposible
    09:02 CRIsToBALA in the same time
    09:57 m3thead are going directly to the ebnet forum
    10:00 m3thead for the ip lock
    10:07 CRIsToBALA ok
    10:10 CRIsToBALA go ahead
    10:34 CRIsToBALA still im fucking your mother
    10:41 CRIsToBALA it wont stop
    10:46 CRIsToBALA till i penatrate in her
    1:09 CRIsToBALA did i say
    11:10 CRIsToBALA some name
    11:11 CRIsToBALA ?
    11:13 CRIsToBALA no
    11:16 m3thead !f
    11:16 CRIsToBALA so
    11:18 CRIsToBALA its not directly
    11:20 CRIsToBALA to someone

    Well it obviously was directed, plus this is probably his only knowledge of english as a language in general.;gid=6321329

    Thank you anyways for keeping this community going and alive. Much appreciated.

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