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Thread: Whisper Abuse

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    Whisper Abuse

    Hello again, I opened a topic about this player he was saying bad words about my family and u banned him for only 1 day, so he is keeping it harder in whisper can you please do something abaut this tocix player he wont stop.

    Old topic : [url][/url]

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    hayat-kaydiran: gec de ananı bacını sikeyim yine ( come and i will f*ck your mother and sister again ) you can translate it from turkish

    Please ban this 10 years old child

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    Quote Originally Posted by hayat-kaydiran
    Hey there, I'm hayat-kaydiran, I would love to prove you that, this guy forced me to do that, but I don't have screen shots, His name is ProLegioner, he is also turkish, every turkish member in eurobattle hates him, but I'm the only one who know the deal with that kind of person. When we 're playing the game like 2vs4, he insulted us 24/7 because it's the only way he can win against us, and didin't want to go rmk, because the only way to get points is this. He deserves every kind of cursing words, every legion td player knows me in this server, you can ask anyone who I am. If I insulted someone, he deserves. We're not 13 years old kids, but this guy has weak personality. He's liar, dishonest. He started to say that kind of words firstly, otherwise I would'nt even typing in the game. I hope you understand what I mean.

    It seems you two are fighting a private war. I told him to squelch you , and i will tell you the same thing, use /squelch hayat-kaydiran if you are unable to communicate properly with him .

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