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Thread: Unban Request

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    Unban Request

    Hello All.

    i ask you guys to unlock my ip because the Overdose - Claraschuman or whatever his nick is, is the most provocative guy in

    And when ppl respond to that he missuse powers like ban them mute them and kick them from hosted games. only because they dont want him.

    This guy should be kicked from the admin group.

    But in my case. we were trash tallking. and he said to me stupid. so i respond and i said like his father.

    He banned me because he lost from me. he stacked his team and lost and now ban.

    i dont try to avoid ban those accounts in the list are banned so we cant use. its me and my bro using the same ip to play dota and not to mention there are 1000 ppl with 10+ accounts .
    Wich means i got 2 my bro got 2 .
    Its corona time. quarantine time. unlock ip pls . we need to kill time

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    I allready posted this up for discussion in LA Admin Section.
    Problem is that u have over 15 bans , for all sort of issues, Flame-Leaving-Refusing to Play.
    I explained it in PM, LA Administration denied your request to get unlocked due above mentioned reasons.
    Tho i on my hand will reduce 5 days from your ban.

    Regarding ClaraSchuman , you can use Complain board to report his behaviour, include links of games, make a proper request, make it serious and it will be dealth with seriously.

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