Helloy Evrybody .

The most Unfair person Ive ever seen is this Moderator 0v3rd0s3 .
He missuse the bot commands and admin powers.
HE mute ppl by fun. kick ppl from hosting games when they dont let him play.
he do whatever he wants to do.

But this time he provocate ppl. and when they respond to that he bans ppl.

Like in last game with me. we were wining team. and same when he dose in wining team he tallk trash tallk. lik EZ naabs etc.
and now he is the one calling me in his languange STUPID so i respond i said like his father. and for that he go BAN
This is not fair at all. and its not for ip lock
Ban avoid with multi acc. is not true cause first of all evryone got 10+ acc in this server. most of them are baned i use 3 together with my little brother.

So there are enoguh trouble cause of less ppl in server. and u give powers to a admin to ban other ppl from server.

if this is bt net. than i guess is houdl not be part anymore of this.

I ask for unban . and i ask for ban him for miss use powers of admin. Clara schuman - Ov3rD0s3
He makes this place of fun to a bad place where ppl act like this. i bet if we ask 10000 ppl for him evrybody share the same opinon like me.

He is a Bad person.
and by the time of quarantine i dont need this ban.

Thx for understanding me .