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Thread: LTDv495 upload please

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    Unhappy LTDv495 upload please

    Hello i always get this problem when a new version of LegionTD comes out. I cannot download the map because im kicked from the lobby when my download hits 90%. I don't have any problems downloading any other custom maps. Im not banned. I Would like to request some good person to upload the map here in the thread so i can download it and finally play, please

    PS: this is log form Gproxy
    [14-12-2019 15:35:23][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Local player connected
    [14-12-2019 15:35:23][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Local player requested game name [---> LTD-1x1 Hybrid *154]
    [14-12-2019 15:35:23][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Connected to remote server
    [14-12-2019 15:35:23][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Join request accepted by remote server
    [14-12-2019 15:35:23][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Detected reliable game, starting GPS handshake
    [14-12-2019 15:35:23][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] [WHISPER] [omg1_host]: sc
    [14-12-2019 15:35:23][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Handshake complete, disconnect protection ready (180 second buffer)
    [14-12-2019 15:36:47][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Disconnected from remote server due to socket error.
    [14-12-2019 15:36:50][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Local socket disconnected due to socket error
    [14-12-2019 15:36:50][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Deleting connection
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    after more than 2 hours trying to download a miracle happened and i finally got it.

    here is link [URL][/URL]

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