1. Keep up to date with d1stats DotA map releases

2. Small improvements in lagabuse/ss bots

3. Small improvements on web tools and forums

4. Add support for Warcraft III 1.29
We are starting to look at adding support for 1.29. This might take several months to complete and we might fail at the end due to the complexity of this job. First step is to thoroughly document the current w3l behaviour and then port it to 1.29.
If we manage to support 1.29, 1.30.1 should also be doable but has an extra effort to defeat anti-debugging measures added in that patch. If a success, that might reunite us with ent platform.
If we manage that then 1.30.2+ is an even harder task due to encrypted traffic and completely new login system. We can talk about that if we ever come to that point. That would open up possible reforge support.

Experienced C/C++ programmers are more than welcome to help us tackle these challenges.

Best regards,
Eurobattle.net staff