You Are Banned!
Your Ban Appeal got rejected. Your ban will expire on December 11, 2018

Why What???
Please Unban IsroilovaZilola serb.arxangel dont unbanned me

Before loginning Verify pls

/w ingamero !verify 9a5a6a17c2

Login: IsroilovaZilola
Password: 2978746

Ban: [email][/email]

  • Ban ID145568
  • Ban
  • Ban Nameisroilovazilola
  • Ban Created2018-12-09 05:56:13
  • GamenameLoD IMBA *898
  • Banned ByAUTOBAN
  • ReasonAutobanned after 7m in "LoD IMBA *898" 5*v5 on (05:56:13 AM Sunday 09-December-2018 ) Realm: XPAM | HK"
  • Expiration2018-12-11 05:56:13

Why should we unban you?I had a personal problem in my house during the match and had to stop playing momentarily to solve, something that is very atypical for me. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the IMBA rules and did not know how the system worked.I would like to ask for a second and last chance to play IMBA, because I really enjoyed being banned because I saw for the first time a platform worth investing hours of fun due to its seriousness in meeting standards. I apologize for any inconvenience and I say it will not happen again.