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Thread: Leri - badmanners, gameruin, command abuse.

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    Leri - badmanners, gameruin, command abuse.

    I am new to this forum so just read the rules about reporting, so didn't know about /time and /p command, so I am very sorry about that.
    Player by the name of Leri, playing a custom match of Legion Hellhalt, ruined a game heavily. I beg you to just watch a replay to see his behavior. He was first confronted for not playing a game properly, after which he used commands to mute everyone who opposed him, then flamed. Spammed the Votekick command to remove me for entire game. At the end he actually admitted that he knows he lost the game on purpose but didn't care. At the start of the game, player from the opposing team warned me about him, that he will ruin the game, and that's what happened.
    He is very toxic, gameruining player, that should be put at his place if possible...
    Here is the replay: Leri ban.w3g
    Or here:
    I hope you find time to watch it, and sorry for not following all the rules of report. I wasn't aware of them at the time i was playing the game.

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    Considering that this is a BOT from another host, not eurobattle/lagabuse, you need to go to their community and file the complaint. If you could add screenshots from the game where he flamed you this could be used here as well.

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