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    Hello and welcome to, a private server for all Warcraft 3 lovers. This guide is here to get you through all the installation steps and ensure that you have the best experience on our server.

    0. Important Links
    1. How to install Warcraft III
    2. How to install
    3. Server account
    4. Games
    5. Our leagues
    6. Public bots

    0. Important links

    Wiki: [URL][/URL]
    About: All actual and important information

    Main FAQ: [URL][/URL]
    About: Post moderation, Warcraft III, Eurobattle, accounts related questions, how to host, how to get unbanned, why can't some games be joined etc

    Troubleshooting: [URL][/URL]
    About: Installer errors, Client errors, Warcraft III errors, problems with server accounts etc

    Tutorials: [URL][/URL]
    About: How to install Warcraft III, Client, basic tutorial to Warcraft III, how to create, activate accounts, recover password etc

    Technical support: [URL][/URL]
    About: If you have any problem with Warcraft III, Client, bots, your forum or server account, you are welcome to ask for help

    Discord: [URL][/URL]
    About: Our official [URL=""]discord server[/URL]

    1. Installing the game

    Link (1.28.5 Patch for Custom Games): [url][/url] (Mirrors: [url][/url])
    Link (1.26 Patch for DotA 6.88x): [url][/url] (Mirrors: [url][/url])

    Wiki: [URL][/URL]

    Simply download the archive and unpack it, note that our client isn't included, you will have to install it later. If you have a copy of Warcraft III already, you can install the client right away but you may lose your license keys during patching to a version compatible with our server because they are stored in game's directory. Make sure the path to the game contains only English characters!

    You may need to have the Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 x86 installed to be able to run the game : [URL][/URL]

    2. Installing our client

    Link: [URL][/URL]
    Wiki: [URL][/URL]

    Simply run it and go through all steps, when it will ask to locate Warcraft III select the copy of the game you downloaded in the previous step (or your own). Note that DotA Gateway can only work with Warcraft III 1.26, while 1.28.5 Gateway will update any selected Warcraft III to the supported version.

    You may need to have the Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 x86 installed to be able to run our client : [URL][/URL]

    3. Creating server account

    Link: [URL][/URL]
    Wiki: [URL][/URL]

    Note that you can't login with your forum account! Account creation in-game is disabled, you can only create a server account using the link above. After creation, you have to activate it here: [url][/url]

    Have a problem creating/activating/recovering password? Post here: [URL][/URL]

    Account management page: [URL][/URL]

    4. Games

    Games you can join from our server:
    - [URL=""]Standard/PG/Melee games[/URL] ([URL=""]Port forwarding required[/URL])
    - [URL=""]Manually hosted custom games[/URL]
    - Games hosted by our league bots
    - Games hosted by third party Ghost based bots (See the whole list of bots here: [URL][/URL])

    Hosting your own games:
    - How to host with public bots: [URL][/URL]

    You are a bot owner and want to add it to our server?:
    - Ghost hashes: [URL][/URL]
    - Account creation, cg2 and other requests: [URL][/URL]

    5. Leagues

    A public league which everyone is welcome to join. It has its own [URL=""]moderation staff[/URL] and [URL=",1425.0.html#post_ingame"]rules[/URL] to ensure the best experience for all players

    Forum: [URL][/URL]
    Wiki: [URL][/URL]
    Discord: [URL][/URL]
    Channel: la (/join la)
    Bot usage: [URL][/URL]


    A private DotA league, only for good players. In order to join it an be able to participate in games, you have to apply according to [URL="!"]this guide[/URL]

    Forum: [URL][/URL]
    Wiki: [URL][/URL]
    Channel: ss (/join ss)
    Bot usage: [URL][/URL]


    A public brasil DotA league

    Forum: [URL][/URL]
    Wiki: [URL][/URL]
    Channel: Brasil (/join brasil)

    6. Public bots

    About: A public bot able to host pretty much any map which works for the current patch
    Channel: w3 (/join w3)

    How to upload map on bot: [URL][/URL]
    Detailed guide: [URL][/URL]
    Full list of bot commands: [URL][/URL]

    If you find any incorrect or missing information, broken links, files or just have a suggestion about what should be included here, please post below
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