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Thread: Cannot Load Map Data

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    Cannot Load Map Data

    I tried updating Warcraft through blizzard's own updater, and it updated strange enough. Except for the fact that I now couldn't open any maps. All maps I tried to open came up with the "Cannot Load Map Data" error. So I went through the obvious process of reinstalling Warcraft onto my Ubuntu computer. After I updated the game using the client, it came up with the same exact error. I cannot play singleplayer, multiplayer, or LAN. I am currently on 1.28.5

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    When does this error appear? When you try to join a game? Host a game?

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    Have you tried to use this: [url][/url] ?
    Maybe your game is somehow corrupted or something is missing

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    Sorry, I completely forgot I posted on this site. It occurs whenever I try to open up a game. If it is an online game that I haven't downloaded yet, it will download it then kick me out. If it is singleplayer, it won't open it up. I can scroll down through the list, but i can't even get into the lobby. I am currently trying to reinstall it again.

    EDIT: Before updating it with, it works. Reinstall may have worked, I will see once it is updated.

    EDIT 2: Thankyou for the link kia12. The link worked and now I can play again. Thank you again.
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