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Thread: Multi Account Maphack User

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    Exclamation Multi Account Maphack User

    Hello Dear authorized Admins.İ am and admin in Turkey room and my account is ^BlackLotus^.I was bored about maphack users in our system and i was banned maphack users in our system which is but that is not enough because they took new account and still continue to play in system...

    My account =^BlackLotus^

    I was complaining=_Elijah_(Ayd.Ser) Multi account...

    Replay Link=
    Replay Link=

    Explanation=İ check users ip from uxpanel and i cath multi account users Ayd.Ser and _Elijah_ same players and 1 player use both id and also opened maphack in out DTRLig games..İ want to give you link about ip adress..

    Link= = That link show us Ayd.Ser ip adresse

    = That link show us _Elijah_ ip adresse

    When you check it from in your system you also will see that players use both account with same ip adresse...

    If you check both replay only in 10 minutes, you will see so many times player _Elijah_ clicking fog so many times...

    Short explanation=Lots of players can use maphack in our system because of our system give them permission to entering without gpoxy client.Thank you so much for to get your time....

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    1. They are not same person... not even close to same person.....
    2. In those replays there was no MH, nor fogclick detected.


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