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Thread: Old TD map

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    Question Old TD map

    Hello everyone! My name is Vladan. I'm form Serbia.

    It's been long time since i played old TD Map.
    Here what had in game and what got me hooked to TD modes of games.

    After some time you hear custom music "Die die my darling". It's tower defense game but after some waves creeps starts destroying your Towers and you defend with small can pick 4 elements as fair i remember. You can have 2 heroes helping but they are used in final wave when they try to destroy your castle.
    There was one bird that had name of creator, and that bird was going across whole map flying.
    Also it was selling some stuff. You can play alone or with friend. I think it was from 1-2 or 1-4 players.

    If anyone remembers name of map please let me is old and golden.

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    Isn't that the "Element TD" maps? Not sure about version, but sounds like it.

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