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Thread: Hackers fags and trolls bombarding your servers

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    Lightbulb Hackers fags and trolls bombarding your servers


    cant even start a game with people ddos your server directly, and then in game they use drop from bnet to LOAD thier hacks and gproxy has been evaded!

    its endless piles of fag hackers with usernames such as

    xxcultisthackerxx (NOTE THE XX it means data address)

    IAMANALLCAPSTROLL(note the stupid name and allcaps when logged in)

    SMURF12345678 (not the name### scheme)

    as well as

    (leete╞≡Håx┘R) (note the use of banned machine code symbols AND the obvious name spoof)

    you need to conduct a mass ban and purge all users.

    you need to actually patrol the games for fag names and ban them on the spot

    you need to add a intelligence filter to keep people from using FAKE PLAYER to win games

    you need to set up an actual FIREWALL like kerio. to for filtering ROGUE data (such as hacks)

    people are now ABUSING gproxy reconnect in order to drop from bnet and RECONNECT with hacks loaded.

    you should install a batch script and convert to exe (bat to exe software) AND encrypt it, so thaqt hackers arent all up in our business, and make it search and delete! the injector! they literally cant do anything without the injector!

    spoofcheck evaded

    gproxy evaded

    3 maph hacks undetected

    ddos (no instant bans) kills people on the spot

    and why did you retards fire strelanc and the other programmer, they were workign for FREE. are you so blind that you cant recognize trollish actions and only here them sellling you sweet lies? i brought this up 4 YEARS ago and your moderators deleted the post because they are trolls. especially the penguin.
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