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Thread: unban request

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    unban request

    1) my nick in [ZLO] is baudio_URU
    2) i don't know who bann me or razon, but is a more that one month
    3) sorry my entlish, but iam from uruguay (talk spanish), and russian or CZ is very dificult to me, so in english, maybe, i have account, my account baudio_URU is banned but i try to connect showme the message "you are banned", im not a cheater or hacker or somewhere, and now banned in forum, i don't understand, so, i create other account, and, and is the same, "you are banned" i not have any cheat, no have hacker program, i have a server to play with de people of the litlle city, but i don's understand for what my accounts is banneds, three account, i like fix this problem but i don't know, is my original account, if you can helpme please for unban, or tellme if exist any solution, or if i need a fill a request in form in URL or What if you can please help me.

    My server is ..::URUGUAY::..Boinas Azules HC CQT, and never user cheat or hack,

    P.D. Please reply me for yes or not o how make a fix with this problem thank's

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    Wrong section

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