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    Lightbulb Terrania Clan

    This has been postponed. Lack of interest and the need to have 10 people online at same time to start the clan. Thanks to those who agreed to join.

    Greetings. Thank you for reading this post. I am bookmarking this post on my desktop as I plan to see interest levels as well as anything else that may be said.

    Terrania is a Hero Defense type map. It requires 1 of each class and there are 6 classes. The heroes are Cleric, Fighter, Defender and the Crafters are Botanist, Blacksmith, Builder. There are -load codes for rank but that won't be able to save your equipment or anything. Rank will give small boost in stats and higher level ranks will give abilities as well as more items crafters can make.

    So that is the run down for those who have never heard of Terrania. Now for my proposal.

    My game name is Poopedmypants and I would like to start or join a Clan that has people who are passionate about Terrania. On there is a Clan ETO who are the creators of Terrania, but none of them appear to be gaming on or at least don't host a clan here. This new clan will not have any connection to Clan ETO unless we get big enough and the clan wants to recognize us as the branch of their clan. Even if we became a branch, I'm sure we would have no direct effect on the creation of the map or anything that is added.

    Please let me know any opinions on this idea. It is not created yet, so would love to hear input on what would be a great Clan Name as well as Clan Abbreviation. I will be sure to check this post at least once a day if not more. The process for creating this clan may be slow. So far just having people on friends list works well but we all know that discussions and strategies using /f msg when there are lots of friends who aren't playing Terrania can be bothersome. As well as we can't hope to know every single hardcore player online due to different time zones. If i am the Chieftain of this Clan, I will be sure to appoint enough Shamans and people with the power to recruit.

    I know this will work as many people are very passionate about Terrania as well as the wonderful bot hosting system that hosts on as well. I am a mellow player and teach new people weekly on how this map works. It is discouraging to have angry people in games so it is a great value to develop a clan that can expect at least the members they see to have played at least once. Those who have played this map as much as I have know there are people on all different servers that are willing to wait 30min to 1 hour for a game to get going. Most hardcore(Founder) players will tell the bot to not allow downloads. I am not one of these players.

    Thanks again for reading through this long topic. I hope to hear lots of input but will be creating the Clan within a month to get the ball rolling.

    I have talked to admins and will need 10 people who are ready to join the clan. I can explain further once we meet online. I don't expect to find everyone here and have friends in game already. Just giving you progress on what is to come. Thank you again!
    IDEAS listed here:

    Clan Name:
    Love the Terrania (LTT)
    We are Terrania (WAT)
    Elite Terrania Gamers (ETG)
    Win Terrania Always (WTA)
    Terrania Fan Club (TFC)
    Terrania Hardcore Club (THC)
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