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Thread: Request ban for con_l3b3r

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    Request ban for con_l3b3r

    First replay con_l3b3r
    im reporting this guy from my team
    As a tipical mh, he buys a magical bottle which he uses at every rune, without missing any, during the whole match.

    [20:50] he "spots" Gyro at the top woods goind straight to him, ignoring Ancient. After I stole his kill, he threats to use custom kick on me.
    [23:20] Enemys were chasing him, then suddenly he stops running and settles on neutral creeps, because he knew they gave up (legit players wouldnt stop running on that kind of chase, just see for yourself)
    [23:42] He starts casting stun, at fog, to catch Gyro. Right after he realises hes not gonna kill him, he runs out, because he knows he is being surrounded.
    [29:30] He runs from enemys, taking odd path, straight to the invisible rune.
    [36:20] Warning signals at the river (MH wise)

    Second Replay con_l3b3r
    on this match you can see clearly why he chose to be Furion and his predictable ambush teleports
    [09:30] he is all over protecting on his moves, guarding his back, waiting rikimaru to shows up
    [11:00] he figures the right spots to place sentry wards
    [18:50] replay shows by itself
    [23:40] He knows Nevermore is about to steath ambush Crixalis, then he does his thing before Nevermore even shows up
    [28:10] Rikimaru gets ready to steath ambush Naix, then Furion teleports in the spot before Rikimaru comes out of steath, revealing him with dust
    [29:10] He teleports at the river to catch Oracle (wonder how he knew Oracle would be there)
    [29:50] same thing with Rikimaru
    [41:00] warning signals
    [44:00] signal plus "strategic" teleport
    [47:30] He goes help Gyro, whos about to get ambushed by Rikimaru
    [48:30] Fountain teleport in the exact time
    [49:35] they admit in chat about using maphack (portuguese)

    I always knew he used MH and Ive never done anything about it until he threated me with custom kick for "stealing" his kill. Then I remembered I have all these replays he is on. I think there is enough material there. If its not, let me know, because I got more replays. Im just lazy to watch them all. Anyone who watches the red timelines would have no doubts of it. I ask a little of consideration for the time I spent on this thread to judge everything that has been pointed. Dont close this thread if you are lazy to see it all. I ask for an effort moderation on this one.
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    that user does not exist on our server

    please next time do not waste my time.


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