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Thread: GAGAohlala MAP HACK everytime

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    Angry GAGAohlala MAP HACK everytime

    gilmargtr was banned for many of my friends. Currently he is with the new nickname "GAGAohlala" and trying to take revenge on all, he is reporting us all with videos that do not show the use of map hack.

    Therefore, I request that it be banned because it also uses as the video that follows.

    His nick: GAGAohlala

    Here's the replay do see it:

    Best Regards,

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    Yes, I've been banned several times cuz l will not keep quiet for "host dictator" that thinks he owns the world and everyone has to obey him only because he has admin, and already took several bans for those "mh thinkers" that die and ban without seeing if there's ward, observer, blood passive, etc., and what a shame that you used the replay that I used to report a mh, no? I bet you are noronha and is angry cuz I show that you are mh.
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    You didnt post any suspicious situations, create new report with at least 1 situation (with replay time) where he should use MH.

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