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Thread: Ban Request for Borg_Collective, Varguolis, Samaliotas

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    Unhappy Ban Request for Borg_Collective, Varguolis, Samaliotas

    Hey staff,

    I don't know to whom i should address for this :
    16 aug 23PM played game and two of my teammates started to stay afk almost all game after 10 or so minutes, we fought 3 v 5 (us the scourge) we asked them to join us they didn't want to play, its just that we fought for 40 minutes in 3 players against 5 and this in unfair, we asked host to help us solve this situation and to kick at least one of them and he didn't wanted to ! We played well ! but we were forced to LOOSE due to these circumstances !

    I humble request u guys to do the right thing here, teach the host a lesson and those two other players !

    Thank you for understanding !

    P.S. I attached the reply and a PrintScreen!Screen.bmpReplay of game.w3gScreen.bmpReplay of game.w3g

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    Nothing for ban here, we don't solve this king of thins
    Next time please read rules

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