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    Dota Tournament Rules

    Dota Instant 1v1 Tournaments

    I. What is it?

    • DotA Instant Tournament is a solo (1v1), DotA tournament.

    • DotA 1v1 Tournaments will be always played on the latest available DotA Allstars version, downloadable at [url][/url]


    II. What about the game mode?

    Game mode used in 1v1 games will be -ARSHOMNP +4 empty slots on both sides as comp


    OM = Only Mid (creeps only spawn from middle lane)
    AR = All Random (heroes are picked by random, from any tavern)
    SH = Same Hero (both players will play the same hero)
    NP = No Powerups (no DD, Haste, Invisibility, Illusion runes)

    Game mode used in 2v2 games will be -CDOM +3 empty slots on both sides as comp


    OM = Only Mid (creeps only spawn from middle lane)
    CD = Captains Draft (team captain pick and ban heroes on draft)

    III. Tournaments Schedule.

    Tournaments will be hosted daily (most of the time) in afternoon and evening hours.
    There are 8-32 open slots for each tournament. If there are more than 8 players willing to play, tournament can be expanded to 16 and 32 slots.

    Step by step registrations and playing:
    Tour mod makes an announcement about the tour.
    Players join Romania channel and type !sign or a similar "command" to let moderator know about his registration.
    Do not go AFK after registering. Being AFK when you're supposed to enter your game will result in your deletion from tour. There is too much waiting already, no need to wait for AFKers.
    When slots are full, mod hosts the games or uses host-by command if one of the players are experienced enough.
    All players must spoofcheck to the bot: /w ro1 or ro2 !sc . If bot does not obey your commands, it's most probably because you did not spoofcheck. Bot trigger is ! and it's called ro1 or ro2 depends with which one is hosted.
    As for 1v1 instant tournaments, now you don't have to destroy throne/tree to get win. You have to destroy 2nd opponent tower, or to get 3 kills. Timing isn't matter.
    As for 2v2 instant tournaments, almost same scheme. Destroy 2nd opponents tower or to get 5 kills to win. (Counting both players kills stats). Timing isn't matter.
    When all the round games finish, round 2 starts and so on to the end. Games can also be hosted in advance, if a pair is complete and would have to wait the others to finish.
    Tournament winners will be announced here and will receive their award and poins on Dota Tournaments ladder.

    IV. DotA Tours Gameplay Rules
    -originally based on Safelist DotA Rules-

    1) You must not abuse any game bugs. Breaking this rule will result a ban from tournaments.

    2) Using any kind of hacks, especially maphack or goldhack will result a permanent ban from tournaments. If a player is suspected for maphack, he must instantly make a screenshot with /whoami and /time. Same does accuser.

    3) Backdooring and creep skipping (luring creeps to outside the lane path)
    • Creep skipping is allowed for the outside 2 towers in each lane.
    • Blocking creeps is only allowed by using your own hero model. Casting spells like Earthshaker’s Fissure or Prophet’s Sprout in order to block your creeps is not allowed. Furthermore, you’re not allowed to seal your base entry with the help of any spells.

    4) Going 'afk' during games is not allowed for longer than 5 min. Opponent is free to boot you for that.

    5) You are allowed to pick up/destroy enemy items you may eventually find lying on the ground .

    6) You are not allowed to ruin games intentionally. I.e. suiciding, selling all/dropping items etc. This mostly applies for intentionally losing the game.

    7) Intentional leaving (e.g. after several deaths in a row) will be considered as forfeiting.

    8) Forfeiting is allowed. To do so, the player must write 'ff' in 'All' chat and then he must leave the game.

    9) Remake is only allowed if several players complain about unplayable lag in-game, bit it must be seen on ping feedback from the bot too. If you experience heavy lag, whisper to a moderator and he'll make the decision.
    Discing from game equals intentional leaving.

    10) Bad manner cases will be analyzed by the hacks team in a regular way.

    11) Bottle+Courier is forbidden. (You can't abuse your courier to fill your bottle and return it to your hero)

    12) HAVE FUN!
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