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Thread: i'didnt use mh

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    i'didnt use mh

    please watch my replay carefully

    i didnt write here because im waiting for the euroturkiye moderator's move . but i didnt wait a lot time than ran here. so i believe you people can help me here. good works already....

    my euroturkiye forum's topic is here : [URL][/URL]

    this is why i get the ban : [URL][/URL]

    i started to use this server 5 years ago. i never open any hack seriously.

    watch the replay than see them things:

    - 8.00 min i killed the mirana player than i didnt run.

    - 10.00 im suiciding

    - 11.30 hooked from pudge when im teleporting

    - 12.30 im going araund the mines but i didnt think even a bit.

    - 15.15 pudge is coming from down.

    - 16.30 look how i am seeking the enemy.

    - 16.50 three players are coming around me but i dont have a idea.

    - 18.25 .....

    how can you say this ? how can i be a hacker ????? please do the true happens

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    This was already analyzed. And mayority of mods decided that you are MHer. Nothing I can do.
    Edit - Unlocked + Noted

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