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Thread: 100% mh

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    100% mh

    game: [url][/url]

    player: jezisek

    32:9 |cFFA9A9A9jezisek (Spectre)|r clicked Moon Rider
    32:13 |cFFA9A9A9jezisek (Spectre)|r clicked Bone Fletcher
    32:21 |cFFA9A9A9jezisek (Spectre)|r clicked Bounty Hunter
    32:24 |cFFA9A9A9jezisek (Spectre)|r clicked Bone Fletcher
    32:25 |cFFA9A9A9jezisek (Spectre)|r clicked Moon Rider
    32:27 |cFFA9A9A9jezisek (Spectre)|r clicked Witch Doctor

    he clicked on us in fog all game and he was spectre he used ulty when we were
    alone in woods ect... pls ban

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