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Thread: [HELP!] The Red Solstice on Steam Greenlight

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    [HELP!] The Red Solstice on Steam Greenlight

    Guys, we need help .

    The Ironward team (which I'm not part of) has been developing a standalone shooter which is loosely based on our beloved Night of the Dead WC3 maps. They're trying to get into Steam, which would be a great platform to increase the potential TRS playerbase.

    From the developers:
    Recently, we decided to try and start a Steam Greenlight campaign, which is a community dedicated to promoting less known computer games and provide them with a chance to join the large market of Steam.

    If you have a Steam account or you would like to create one, you can vote for us and help us reach the stars.

    Just log in, follow this link and press the blue thumbs up icon (saying Yes) right under the first video:
    The Red Solstice on Greenlight

    Mind you, voting Yes for our game does not mean a promise of purchase in the future, it is just a simple voting system.
    If you're interested in seeing TRS available on Steam, please don't hesitate to vote!

    This is the official website:

    Best regards,
    Firebird - Clan N0TD

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