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Thread: Light_Speed humiliating the team very ugly !!!

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    Unhappy Light_Speed humiliating the team very ugly !!!

    I recently find out that anyone can join a game, ruin the game standing afk, cursing, having bad manners, feeding without any repercusion ! Is that true?! cause a player just laugh when i said to him to be careful, he just said " I have my next account READY !!!"
    I know this site for 6 beautiful years i played along with a lot of people from Europe !!!
    I this the end !? We are humiliated by anyone anytime without nothing in our defense?!

    I am truly sad !

    Light_Speed Bad Manners.w3gLight_Speed Bad Manners.w3g
    LOOK AT REPLY IS JUST SAD and this user Light_Speed i how he gets what he deserve !

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