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Thread: upgrade warcraft 3 tft 1.24 to 1.26

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    upgrade warcraft 3 tft 1.24 to 1.26

    hello evryone , i'm posting this cause i can't update warcraft 3 frozen throne to the version 1.26 that i've downloaded here ,when i try to run the blizzard prepatch v2.70 a error massage appears it say's :Blizzard PrePatch v2.70 compiled on Jul 7 2003This program patches Warcraft 3

    Log created at 11:34 pm on 08/11/2012

    Registry error loading key 'Warcraft III\InstallPath'
    Cannot retrieve the file ( translate it to english maybe bad cauze im using warcraft in french language).

    RESULT: Prepatch failed

    :/ so if anyone can help me to check this correctly , i follow the guide to update i've done everything all rigth but it refuses to work's

    the second probleme is : i've downlaoded gproxy put in in warcraft files and when i run it and try to connect to gproxy with or own it a error message appear's : unable to connet to
    you maybe trying to connect to an invalid server.if u are using a modem u may^need to manually conect to the internet before to conect

    i checked up my firewall exeptions and my internet conection but it still's not working .
    thnkx if anyone can tell me whow to make it work .

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    For the first it seems that you didn't install warcraft 3 and therefore patcher can't find the location of warcraft 3 or you messed with the registries,try using version switcher
    For the second does gproxy gives any error and are you connecting to gproxy gateway

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