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Thread: Picking rule - 15+ minutes

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    Picking rule - 15+ minutes

    Hello, i have new rule to announce.

    Our bellowed coder Stefos has added addition to pool command. Beside each nick there is written time of waiting since signing for game. Time is in minutes and it looks like this.
    1.[yuma]noel (5) (cd) (0) (8)
    Therefor we are implementing the new rule.

    Each user that waited 15 or more minutes must be picked.

    By this we are solving next issues that were problematic with first 8 rule.

    1. If you wait for game to be organized you have your slot reserved.
    2. Issue with huge number of players signing in same time is solved.
    3. No one can quit game before throne to get his slot fast, since 15 minutes is long enough.

    So, i invite all players to be more active in ss and freely wait for second game to be organized since you will always be picked. Last month ss had 100 active members, with more than 20 members only in every moment. Just be patient enough and wait for ss games.

    Captains that disobey it will be punished by losing their position.
    Excuses such as forgetting wont be tolerated since in case it really happens you are obligated to replace last picked player with one that waited. In case of braking rules, if you dont want to whine on forum and be hated, feel free to PM me or report at ss main page with screenshot.

    My best regards in name of staff, we wish you a lot of fun in ss games.
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