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Thread: How to Report MH in Dota

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    Exclamation How to Report MH in Dota

    I would like to inform you that dota games are allowed to be reported here.
    You may report games played on official bots: RO/CZSK/ other public/private games.

    All you have to do is post replay where you suspect some player(s) to be maphacker in new thread.

    Post link to the replay (if its played on official bot) for example like this: Or upload replay to thread using "manage attachements" option.

    Please post the exact or nearest time of the replay when you suspected that player has made strange action (used mh ) for example "13:22 pudge used hook on me in fow" or "15:22 I was in ww and kunkka went back when I tryed to gank him" etc., if you not do that moderators are keeping the rights to deny your report.

    Here is how:

    kindly regards, crew.
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    As i see it people here like on LagAbuse write down some things like "madman hacker please ban" with no replay, no replay times, no explanations, nothing. What am i supposed to do? watch 90 minutes replay hoping for a miracle fog click or obvious thing or what? -_-

    So, i propose this report standard format
    1: Your NickName.
    2: The NickName of the player that you want to be banned.
    3: Replay.
    4: Specify at least 1 exact situation where user broke MH rule, with every detail explained and replay time when he used it. (replay time, not game time please)
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