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Thread: sutramatura had MH?

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    Question sutramatura had MH?

    Hi... not sure if it was MH or not... but i was looking at the replay in 1/2 speed and i had clearly invisibility from Lothar (played for Nevermore hero) at the time i was killed.

    it happened 2x more or less in the last 1/3rd of the game

    once when i was at mid by the 2nd tower, Sirene came there, i used Lothar ... and died anyway...
    there was a Slardar hero in her/his team but he was not there at that time, nor i had Slardar´s ulty, Sirene did not had any anti-invisibility items, the only think i can think off is that the Tower was in range and i was visible thus... but... i tested it in Cust.Game... came to the very same spot i died and Lothared... the enemy creeps just passed by me...

    the 2nd kill happened at @00:36:00, where i was in my base (Scourge), Sirene + Slardar rushed at me... but i used Lothar, and in the replay i had clearly Invisibility on me at the time and no Slardar´s ulty nor nothing anti-invisibility items was used...

    maybe i just missed something, or i dunno... if yes... but i would like to know WTH happened...

    game name was: sdem eu all
    host: ^kfc^
    game was running roughly between 00:15 - 01:00CET

    the replay is downloadable >>> here <<<

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    this is dota. dota games on

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    report this one at facebook page:

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