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Thread: Eurobattle for Mac?

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    Exclamation Eurobattle for Mac?

    Hi, I was just searching around the forums and noticed there isn't anything for mac users, Being a mac user myself I would like to know how to start the game with Eurobattle. Please help

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hey you, as you know, Mac OS is not really popular amongst gaming world, nevertheless there are ways for you to use

    The easiest ways are:
    1) Install Paralells (which is a paid program) and this will allow to emulate a Windows platform on your mac, and you will also be able to run both Mac/Windows at the same time.
    Particularly, I don't think this option is really worth it, inasmuch as you lose much of the performance because you are "running" 2 Operational systems at the same time.

    2) (The one I use) You could Bootcamp your Mac. Using it, you are able to partition your Hard Drive and install a full version Windows. All you need to have is a Windows Installation Setup and your Apple Installation CD(Especially if you use a MacBook. Right click becomes virtually impossible without the appropriate driver). You go to your Application folder and then browse Utilities. There you will find Boot Camp Assistant (Or a name similar, depending on the language you are using). It is self-explanatory.
    So as to be able to access your BootCamp partition, you need to press and hold the button Option after you press the start button on your iMac/Macbook/Macbook Pro/Macbook Air, you will be given two choices MacBook HD and Windows. So, whenever you want to play you logon through windows and install it normally as if you were a Windows user.

    PS: If you do not press Option when starting, your device will start Mac OS X by default.

    PS2: (especially if you are a macbook/macbook pro/macbook air user) When you logon through Windows for the first time, do not forget to insert your Apple Installation CDs and install ALL drivers on your device. Or else Video/Trackpad/Keyboard/Languages/Air Port will not work properly.

    I hope I have helped


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