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Thread: Account not activating (newly made account)

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    Exclamation Account not activating (newly made account)

    so, i made an accound about 30 mins ago becouse my old one was deleted (didnt play for looonnnggg).

    But now i got a problem. I cant activate my account on W3. When i go activate it, it says "bad username or password" even thought i can log in to the website without a problem. I tried a diff pass, activating it with my email rather than username, but neather of these worked, and all i want is to play :(.

    i got all patches up, i got everything working, but i cant log in.

    in W3 it says my acount doesnt exist. Usually when i forgot to activate, it would say that it needs to be activated, but now it just says it doesnt exist.

    maybe its becouse the servers need to update before i can log in. i dunno. waited about 20 mins and still nothing. hope you guys can help.
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    if you don't activate your account before 48 hours it will be deleted but if your missing your password go here

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