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  • kingsolo

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  • blov

    1 100.00%
  • showjump1ng

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  • .coldplay.

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  • flyingcarpet (he is open his maphack mıd game)

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Thread: Im goblin tech and enemy use map hack T_T

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    Cool Im goblin tech and enemy use map hack T_T

    I played several times and ı dont see such a mh user like thıs sory like them.

    showjump1ng: he is map hacker also host and take a mırana. and he is always escape mine or gang pls pls baned his bot too

    blov: ....... ıf ı know his house ı wıll go to see hım. he is such a loser. maphack
    bd and he use many cheats pls

    .coLdpLay.: ursa warior must kıll rosh isn't it? he never go to kıll rosh because he
    see my mines and he never push my mines. and he finish games without crepp pls

    KinqSolo: he is mh user too but rokie one.

    you see all of thıs ın replay. very funy game

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