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Thread: Humor!

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    omgggg ^^
    InGame : xManY

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    1.) Your personal and bnet name.
    Zlatko - nUSKLIČNIK^sickPRO˘˘[O]mzg_Who`thiS_guy`

    2.) Your Age.
    10 yers. (puta 3)

    3.) Where are you from?
    Jebanovci bb, Jebanovci

    4.) State your reason why you want to play here. (INCLUDE where you heard the league from, write nick if its recommendation)
    I herd for a ligue from godd pleyer on From Baramir. He a ex admins. I sick of pley with idiots who go mid with huskar. I nid real men to play with. That mean no huskars , no baras and most impontanly NO TARX. Tarks are criminals like Fenebahce boss. He buy first place in liga with money. Now he go in prison, stupid inbecil. Only noobs get cought. Baramir is also Tark, but he a Besiktas gg. I want pley your liga. I think i good.

    5) Your own, honest, assessment of your manners and temper.
    My maners are super. But somtimes when stupid niggers make me aggrevated i sey them they are stupid niggers, and that turkey is bird americans eat for holiday, they jast anser mi AMQ AMQ AMQ.. i donno whatta hell this mean.
    I never fuck others mothers. I fuck fathers. So i guess i manners.

    6.) Your own, honest, assessment of your DotA-skills.
    I go forest every gaem with pandaren beer master. At minute 20 if team is good, i come out of forest and we fuck mothers to other team. GG NUBS!
    If team is feeding i stey in forest while they die, and laugh, or i sell items, buy mass tango and hide in forest behind fountain. gg nubs. EL TWO PEE !!!

    7.) A brief history about yourself (Only dota related information please - INCLUDE previous leagues, if any)
    I play dota since 1999, even tho war3 is from year 2003. If you count time i pley vs AI, i play since 1995. I pleyed on Gangrena, Nortrands, and in our town igraonica, we had 1v1 tour, i was fourth (winner picked huskar gg). I think i hav big expiriens. Many years playing and pawning trule nobare.

    8.) Two replays which will show your skills, satisfying all noted ss requirements. (Private game or Clan War) (in quotes)
    Soray, i no a have replays, cuz dad did - format c: /u, cuz no have space on disk for ukranian porno. He delit my songs from Bon Jovi :''( and also remplay fron dota inculding one wher i owned with riki 5-3. fuck.

    I had one funny remplay, wher i buy eye of skadi on Invanker and hav 4 balls over my head. I said it hax, and team kik me :<
    They nabs omggg........ :<


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    ! ! !

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    sve oci na indenticnom mestu :O

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    Wink to ubavo momce od makedonce

    Upoznao sam njega ja igrajuci dotu,opasan je decko ko premija na lotu,ima nas mnogo o njemu pricam ja to je AcidSnow made in makedonce...
    Lep decko kao nekad zvezdin robert prosinecko.
    Voli da se sredjuje,narcis je pravi,frizura uvek namjestena ,kosulja,sat,kajla i tako te stvari...
    AcidSnow to je ubavo momce od makedonce...
    By Igic_legend sup!

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    Igicu udari si samar.
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    Nema dalje

    Eto kakve posledice ostavlja promasen penal u derbiju, strasno :-D
    Znas kako se postaje sampion? Izađes na teren kada je najteze... i pobedis! ~

    NIKAD PORAZ - samo lekcija! ~

    Mozda ce me neko, nekad pobediti, ali ce krvariti. ~

    Kad vise ne mozes, tad najvise moras! ~

    To become the best, learn from best! ~
    retired dota legend

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