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Thread: Defeated by maphacker?Read here.

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    Defeated by maphacker?Read here.

    Hello, from now on you will be able to request lose removal from game where you got defeated by maphacker.

    - This apply only on xpam solo LADDER WARCRAFT GAMES (no custom games e.g. dota, footmen..)
    - This applies only on those games when you got defeated (lost game)
    - In your report state info that in case of reported player user is prooved maphacker and you wish to have lose removed
    - This appies only on race played in reported game (e.g. you played human and lost vs maphacker, one solo(human) lose will be deducted from your account )
    - Trying to abuse, sending every game that u lost may/will be punished

    hacks crew!
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